Pets in this case all dogs, have characters of their own and little habits unique to themselves.
Waiting their turn and very thirsty  Long and very friendly  The eyes?  Another find the eyes..  So typical... 
Spice at home in her element  Getting ready  Getting ready  Aren't you going to get it from me now  I am ready 
Pondering whether to jump or wait  Action!  Prowling the grounds  Tempting  Paris 
Squibby  Action : iPhoto Edited  Action : iPhoto Original  Beautiful and curious : iPhoto Original, Raw  Nora as a puppy 
Ooh those baby teeth!  Nora in play mode  Nora  As ever full attention  Not so long after puppy time 
Still playful  Nora at home in Lauerz : Nora  Riley guard dog  Taking a rest  Having gained some weight and lovely colour  Young at heart 
Sits stiller than when a puppy!  Gorgeous colour  Malarkey  Olive  Rio